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Loving wood and all things natural for a lifetime, our founder Dana Osman suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in 2015. Since then we have striven to maintain his high standards for products and his fair business practices. Below, those ideals are explained in his words.

Oregon Wild Wood evolved in 2004 from my personal passion to literally improve music. For hundreds of years competition to create finer sounding instruments was focused almost solely on design and craftsmanship. Only a handful of wood species were being utilized, several of those were becoming endangered, and I had to wonder if they were the best species tonally. Thus, the mission became one of identifying, sourcing and supplying tonally superior wood species for musical instruments. Initially we only created guitar parts, but it quickly became obvious that all instruments made with wood, could benefit from tonally superior wood species. ToneWood.com offers these superior species for guitar parts, including tops, backs, sides, necks and fingerboards. By using these species in various combinations, hundreds of new "voices" are possible.

We source much of our wood from the southern Oregon coast, in a temperate rainforest, host to many unique species like Myrtlewood, Port Orford Cedar and Redwood. We value the forest for its beauty and biological importance, and always seek trees we can acquire through salvage, reclamation or re-purposing. We also source wood like Walnut and Pistachio from commercial nut groves, which would otherwise be chipped into mulch or burned. Our intervention allows us to provide very high quality wood, often with an interesting associated story, while setting a new standard for eco-friendly harvest practices.

Our business philosophy is simple, to provide high quality products, at very fair prices and treat people as we would like to be treated. We also realize that you are in business just like we are and we work hard to assure our prices are among the lowest you will find. We also automatically apply discounts of 10% to 30% at checkout for volume purchases. We photograph every individual set so you can see and select exactly what you want. We currently supply tonewood to over 2000 luthiers globally. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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